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"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do." - Brene Brown 

Loving ourselves, having patience and forgiveness, and respect for ourselves is the greatest secret to true happiness. But so many of us struggle with this basic birthright. How do you love yourself when you have been practicing self-deprecation for so long?

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Which one are you?

The Entrepreneur or leader running the show

You know how to work hard, and you sacrifice a lot for your business. You give so much that you're left with very little for yourself. You dream of a work-life balance but have no idea what that would even look like. You want to feel that excitement and passion for your business again. You want to find fulfillment in each day and be able to give more to your family.

You're ready to fill up your cup AND have success
in your business!

This is me! how can you help?

The exhausted woman who does it all

You feel the pressure to do it all, and you feel unhappy most of the time. You find your value in how much you can sacrifice to get things done. The overwhelm of keeping it all together consumes you. You are the fixer of everyone's problems but your own.  You feel that success is out of your reach and that being happy all the time is an unrealistic expectation.

You're ready to rediscover your purpose and find your own version of happiness in the chaos.

I can't do it all anymore, send help!

Nice to meet you, I'm Tarryn.

In my twenties, I was drawn to dentistry and orthodontics for the artistry and the gift of service to others. In my thirties, I came to understand my passion for uplifting and empowering my patients by guiding them through finding their confidence by transforming their own smiles. I fell in love with empowering my team to support our patients in their journeys and to make a broader impact on our world by empowering others. In my forties, I have realized a mission to support other leaders to do the same.

I believe we are all leaders: be it business leaders, community leaders, leaders of our families, or leaders of our own dreams. My passion is to inspire you to find the happiness and fulfillment that changed my life and to realize the enormous abundance I have found. My dream is to empower leaders to realize the opportunity they have to live their most successful, purposeful lives, and for them to uplift others in turn.

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