Mother in the Lead

Mother in the lead


One day she awoke inspired and her children created music and song

One day she felt depleted, her morose flock sucked from her more and more

One day she focused on love and wept to see the tenderness of her tribe

One day gratitude graced her brow and abundance kissed her lineage twice

  • Tarryn



As Mothers we have enormous leadership power within our own family unit. You set the tone for the whole family. We all know that when mama goes down the whole ship sinks. I choose to see that as a super-power and not an overwhelming burden. It gives me permission to take care of myself so that I know I can care for the beautiful crew I lead. It also reminds me that every thought I have, every word I say, every action I take, is not only being learned by everyone around me but is a tool to guide and coach. Have you ever been in a really good place in your heart and in your mind and noticed that quietly the whole family seems to be simply content? That is you working your voodoo magic, mama. We have it within us. It needn’t be scary. None of us mamas have it all worked out and there will be times where there are more days of struggle than of ease. But the beauty is that even in a leadership position, even as a mom, we are still human and still learning, and still entitled to growth. In fact, we have to grow, that is our birthright and our purpose here on earth, to grow and be better versions of ourselves everyday. It gives us an opportunity to teach our little ‘uns how to pull out of the tough times and how to step into the light after we falter. Because they are learning from you even in the difficulty, perhaps especially in difficulty. You are a miraculous leader as a mom. Your journey is a gift to your children. Lead with love for them and for yourself.




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