Patience is a Superpower

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2022

I remember when I was about 16 years old sitting on the edge of my grandmother's bed and asking her how to cultivate patience. I laugh just thinking about it because the conversation was so sweet and I have such a vivid picture of that moment in my heart but I can't for the life of me imagine what I was so impatient about at that time in my life. But it's the feeling I remember well because I have felt it so many times in my life since then. The urgency. 

Patience is an incredible superpower.

Patience speaks of confidence and faith in the journey. When we can cultivate patience we acknowledge the inevitability of the outcome - now THAT'S huge! Patience says "I know that I am on the right track and even if this doesn't come to fruition something even greater will come of it." Looking back on every failure or fumble in my businesses, in my relationships, in my personal development, this has most certainly been true. If I could have gifted myself a sense of patience along the way...

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Desire Over Doubt

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2021

Desire over Doubt.

I remember this moment in Costa Rica just before the pandemic hit in March of 2020. We were on a family vacation on the East Coast near Tortuguero, Costa Rica. We went for a walk on the black beach just as a storm was rolling in over the Caribbean Sea. Leif wanted to stand on this rock and experience the surf all around him, to feel the rush and the power of the ocean and the impending storm - to marvel at the power of weather and water and the enormity of feeling small. He kept trying and fearing and stepping down and getting nervous to try again. Once or twice he fell in the water and almost gave up. It seemed so easy for his older brother and he was beginning to question whether he could actually be brave enough to step up and stay up to let the waves wash in all around him, thunder broiling in the distance. He was weighing the dueling powers of Desire over Doubt. Which would prevail? Would the desire for the experience outwin the doubt of ability?

He had to...

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Permission To Never Give Up

Uncategorized Jul 11, 2021

If there is one secret to reaching for anything you want, love, money, health, happiness, success, it is this: NEVER GIVE UP.

That's it. That is the secret to life. Never quit. Relentless pursuit of anything sounds punishing and aggressive and obstinate. But it is the secret of purpose and happiness. Because the opposite of constant reaching for your dreams is complacency. The opposite is settling. And settling feels wholly unfulfilling. Always.

We hear that happiness requires "acceptance" and we interpret that to mean that we should just settle for the truth and not fight the reality of the situation. Yes, it is true that battling something we can't change gets us nowhere - it only breeds anger and frustration. But something that is true, that we can't change, is that we will always have DESIRE. We will always want more. The desire for more is what drives revolutions and inventions and creativity and births change. That is the first step of...

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You Get To Choose The Lens Of Your Perception

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2021

"It's up to you," she whispered as she lay me down to sleep that night.

"You can choose where you wake up in the morning, you can choose who you want to be."

I grimaced, wanting so badly to play along. How could I choose to paint my own reality? How could I possibly dictate the facts of my surroundings?

"You get to choose the lens of your perception" she crooned.

I closed my eyes as the thunder shook the house, powerless at the feet of the weather gods.

She smiled her warmth and compassion and breathed her gratitude breath.

In a heartbeat I glimpsed the truth of her words as I was overcome with the abundance around me and the power within me.

I felt the warm sheets against my skin and sank into the firm support of the mattress holding me high.

The thunder reverberated against the ever present walls and windows, brick and mortar, promise and protection.

The rain pelted down against the roof above my head , reminding me of her steadfast strength.

I saw my reality of warmth and safety....

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Fear and Failure

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2020

What would I do if I had no fear and there was a promise of no failure?

Fear is a mysterious teacher and reflective mirror. Fear alerts us to our most valued inner possessions. Fear is a clear indicator of what really matters. Who would fear the fire if they could never burn? Fear plucks the chord of knowing that nothing is permanent or promised. Fear is an echo of the insecurities and fragile illusions we hold close to our hearts.

Would that I had no fear, would I ever seek to grow? To strengthen? To learn? If I had no fear would I ever feel courageous or accomplished or even satisfied? Isn’t fear intrinsic in our value of something great? Of being great? Of overcoming fear laden obstacles and proving ourselves to ourselves despite the terror or threat? Or is fear the inhibitor of creative flow? Doesn’t fear step in and steady the painter’s hand and restrict and limit and stay? Isn’t it fear the block that writer’s dread and orators obey when they stay...

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Laying down the past's heavy backpack

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2020

The past has no ability to keep us from being fully conscious in the present.

It is only our attention to old stories that prevents us from seeing the possibility in the now

Every single day is an opportunity for a new perspective, a new beginning. The past can be a generous teacher but it never has to hold us slave to what was. The present moment holds all the power and possibility we allow ourselves to see.

Imagine the abundance all around us if we could train ourselves to see without the judgement of yesterday? Without the labels we have given our-selves? Without the stories we have wrapped around our “potential” that smother and dull. Imagine the power we would have if we could shake off the cloak of old presumptions, old mistakes, old shame? It is so easy for us to see the possibilities in children, we easily say and believe that “the world is your oyster” and that “You can do anything you put your mind to”. Deeply feeling that open future...

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Bolstering joy as winter is coming

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2020

Right now, here in New England, we are surrounded by the most incredible display of gold, deep mustard yellow, rusty orange and the last of the fiery Burning Bushes. It is the more mature older sister of the kaleidoscope of the early fall brilliance. It is a reminder and a fore-bearer of the crisp days and even longer nights to come. It heralds frost and icicles, the tawny leaves letting go of the sticky branches to prepare them for the sugar coated shell of ice. In my bones I feel the excitement of hunkering down, of packing in the outdoor furniture and switching out the couch cushions to the heavier, warmer, comfy ones. I revel in meditating at the warmth of my gas fireplace in the morning, a luxury that the sticky summer mornings won't allow. I start to dream of swirling snowflakes and school snow days when we stay in our PJ's and indulge in novels and warm drinks all day long. I am not a skier but my children and my husband are. Last night the excitement was palpable...

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Courageous is dreaming even when it seems dark. Courageous is knowing there is potential for better despite the "obvious". Courageous is the conviction of happiness when all the signs point to darkness. It is that precious nugget of courage, that permission to dream, that pushes families forward, individuals forward, businesses forward, movements forward, whole countries forward. 
There is an incredible power in dreaming, in envisioning something enormously beautiful, a potential to put your hopes in. Without dreams we would never evolve and grow. Without someone's courage to dream something outrageous there would be no cell phones, no democracy, no medicine. Someone somewhere imagined something incredible and gave herself the permission to ignore the nay-sayers and gifted herself the courage to keep dreaming. Detractors have always said that dreaming is naive and fruitless. Realists will always point out the million reasons that dreams are impossible....
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Understanding Others

"You can only understand people if you feel them in yourself" - John Steinbeck
Boof. That's a difficult one to wrap your heart around. And it speaks to the power of compassion.
I was listening to an excerpt from Gabby Bernstein's new book " You are the Guru" and she said something that compliments this so beautifully. She said that when we feel judged that we tend to do one of two things: We either become defensive and judge that person back or we take the judgment and internalize it and beat ourselves up when we believe it to be true. Gabby says the solution is compassion. Compassion for each other and compassion for ourselves.
Why is it so difficult to remind ourselves of this beautiful, basic power of love when we are surrounded by fear? I must admit that I struggle with this when I feel hatred and aggression in others. This power of compassion is, however, one of the most powerful ways to free ourselves from self-judgement and pain. I remind myself that it is not...
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Driven Woman's Body Prayer

Uncategorized Sep 26, 2020

Efforting my day, adrenaline drums.

I turn my back on your whispering plea.

    Lungs:  Fill me. Slow down. Breathe.

    Neck:   Rock me. Slow down. Stretch.

    Bladder:  Empty me. Slow down. Pee.

Imagined priorities deafen my ability to listen, to feel.

You carry me, still. Oblige my bid.

     Now squat, now lunge, now push.

Strong, capable arms to hold and to serve.

Relentlessly beating life’s sustaining blood despite my ignorance.

You have stayed with me since my first breath drawn – through thick and thin, in sickness and in health.

Bleeding. Birthing. Nurturing. Morphing on demand.

Beautifully. Miraculously.

I hear you today.

You say


      Slow down.




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