Rediscover your happiness at work and at home.

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“When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves.” – Jack Kornfield

Having interviewed hundreds of successful AND happy leaders, it is clear that they all have one thing in common: A regular meditation practice. Great leaders know their worth, their value, and their vision. Reconnecting with self-belief and inner wisdom starts with drowning out the noise.

If you have been looking for a meditation practice that empowers your leadership and guides you to the inner wisdom you KNOW has been waiting to be unlocked, download this transformative meditation. It’s time to tap into your greatest superpower: YOU.

Hi! I'm Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy. 

In my twenties, I was drawn to dentistry and to orthodontics for the artistry and the gift of service to others. In my thirties, I came to understand my passion for uplifting and empowering my patients by guiding them through finding their confidence by transforming their own smiles. I learned that paramount to the impact I could have on others was the happiness I needed to tap into in my own life. I fell in love with empowering my team to support our patients in their journeys and to make a broader impact on our world by empowering others. In my forties, I have realized a mission to support other leaders to do the same.

I am determined to revolutionize our collective and individual definitions of "SUCCESS" and I believe that each of us is entitled to and has the power to reach for inner fulfillment and happiness. 

My dream is to empower 1 million business leaders globally to realize the opportunity they have to live their most successful, purposeful lives, and for them to uplift others in turn.

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Are you ready to rediscover JOY in your work?

You once had a vision for a business and a life that lit you up. You know how to work hard, and you sacrifice a lot for your business. Perhaps you have given so much that you lost yourself in the process. You dream of "work-life balance", but can't fathom it. Maybe you feel trapped. I know because I once did.

Now, imagine finding joy in your business every single day. Imagine rediscovering that excitement and passion for your business again. Imagine finding inner fulfillment in your work and being able to give more to your family and to yourself. Imagine that your happiness is the key to even greater prosperity in your business. 

Happiness is possible!

I'm ready to become the HAPPIEST business owner I know!

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