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Prosperity Group Coaching

As a dentist, there’s a good chance that you want to create a business, purchase one, or maybe up-level your current business.

You might know how to do it from a business perspective, and that’s what most do, ultimately ending up feeling unhappy, overwhelmed, stressed out, or anxious all the time.

Do you really have to sacrifice your happiness to make your business succeed?

How about creating a business that feeds your soul as well as your bank account?


This unique group coaching model supports new business owners and business owners who need to transform their current business model to better serve their personal needs or to find greater success.

Being in a group, you will be enabled to build and grow from one another and to experience a great variety of situational concerns in a short amount of time. It might take you years to get all this experience on yourself!

Not only will you be able to have your unique business struggles addressed but you can learn from others’ and be prepared for when you might experience a similar challenge in the future.

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I'm Tarryn, and I'm here to help you create the dental business and the life of your dreams!


As a mom, an orthodontist, and a business owner, I have experienced the burn-out, the overwhelm, and even the enormous fear that once had me consulting a bankruptcy attorney, a divorce attorney, and even made me sell my first practice and run away from dentistry altogether for a few years.

During that time I dove headfirst into personal development and studied from the masters of personal, financial, and relationship success to launch a scratch start orthodontic practice which soared to the Top Invisalign Provider in my state in 3 years.

What I learned was that happiness and success is an inside job. And that once you can prioritize your happiness, success flows almost effortlessly.

Since then, I have guided hundreds of students, clients, and colleagues to enormous success and inner fulfillment within the dental industry. I guide my clients, just like you, to redefine success on your terms and how to incorporate your personal values in your business model and in your life model.

Here’s what you’ll get by joining Prosperity Group Coaching:


  • Learn how to build a business model based on your personal values. 

  • Be introduced to the top, most successful business strategies and principles, and then guided to morph those strategies to speak to your unique definition of success.

  • Learn from special guest experts and leaders in business strategy

  • Be part of a team of like-minded people from which you’ll get support, constructive feedback, relationship building for a lifelong network of support
  • Prosperity Group Coaching is a 3-month program, where we will meet on Zoom, bi-weekly, for 2 hours.


If you have a passion and a dream to build and grow the business of your dreams that will serve your financial goals and your happiness and serve your community at a greater level, just fill out the application below!

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