Honoring the Seasons of Relationships

 Relationships are some of the most beautiful and rewarding parts of humanity and of this life. Some would say that the inter-human connections we foster are the true purpose of life. When the timing and circumstances align to gift us with a perfect match in a perfect person we create beautiful friendships more precious than gold. But nothing lasts forever. Not all relationships can weather time’s trickery, morphing into something we no longer recognize.


In a fast paced world we fall in and out of love with each other in rapid succession and friendships fall victim to the busy-ness of life. Like many people, I have heard myself promise to make time for old friends, months passing like fleeting birds, teasing us with imagined memories of excess. Memories of moments together that we loved stop washing us with joy and start squashing us with regret for not perpetuating reunion promises. Guilt torments us. We self-flagellate for re-assigning our priorities and suffer...

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