Hope and Conviction

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2020

Hope is the strength I have been leaning on during the experience of the global pandemic and its fallout. The hope I have been cultivating has been all encompassing. I have hope for my personal growth, for the strength of my family, for the unexpected gifts in our lives, for the positive change in my profession, for global learning and for the opportunity for transformation and enlightenment and awakening. I have a lot of hope. But each of these silent prayers has sustained me in different ways during the complete shut-down of my practice and the social distancing from my community, my friends, and my extended family. Hope has been the assurance I have needed to face every day and every fear I have met along the way.


The gift of hope is that it engenders a sense of power when you feel out of control. The phrase “I am hopeful” establishes a positive sentiment and feels stronger than simply falling victim to the outcome. It permits patience and relinquishes all responsibility to the outcome. I can hope for an even better way when we go back to together-ness but I don’t have to control it. In fact, I am learning again that trying to control the outcome actually weakens my hope. Hope needs room to breathe and permission to blossom in it’s own beauty.


Hope is also a direct assault on fear. Where fear leaves no room for hope, hope allows the whisper of fear and, in that vein, stands slightly taller to defy it. In spite of the fear, hope allows for forward movement, for living and thriving instead of merely surviving. Hope recognizes fear. Hope can even welcome it and learn from it and then gently encourage fear to keep floating by.


Conviction is the stronger, older grandma of hope. Conviction has fought the fights and wears the scars. She is the stalwart, the convinced, the powerhouse. Where hope is a child, at first innocent and pure, perhaps slightly naive, conviction has matured. She holds the brightest torch for knowing and believing, having experienced the truth. Conviction falters not and bares the storm with strength and resolution and keeps standing in her certainty. If hope needs nurturing and reassurance and evidence, conviction provides it. Conviction is founded on an expectation that is unbreakable. Conviction does not need to plead or shout or convince. Conviction is a deep knowing and an unshakable belief.


I have a hope for the beauty and the growth that will come from this global experience. I have a hope for my own learning and expansion. I have a hope that we will all learn to know and love ourselves better and to value one another more. I have a conviction of the resilience of the human soul and the true self. I have a conviction for the greater good and the triumph of love.


Be well, My Friends. Lead with conviction.


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