Courageous is dreaming even when it seems dark. Courageous is knowing there is potential for better despite the "obvious". Courageous is the conviction of happiness when all the signs point to darkness. It is that precious nugget of courage, that permission to dream, that pushes families forward, individuals forward, businesses forward, movements forward, whole countries forward. 
There is an incredible power in dreaming, in envisioning something enormously beautiful, a potential to put your hopes in. Without dreams we would never evolve and grow. Without someone's courage to dream something outrageous there would be no cell phones, no democracy, no medicine. Someone somewhere imagined something incredible and gave herself the permission to ignore the nay-sayers and gifted herself the courage to keep dreaming. Detractors have always said that dreaming is naive and fruitless. Realists will always point out the million reasons that dreams are impossible. There are always more people living in fear than those living in hope. And often the most fearful cries are the loudest.
But the brave visionary dares to dream despite the critics and leads the battle cry - dares to see something that others can't. Dares to dream something others won't.
Never ever give up on your dreams. Never ever soften your vision because someone says you are too ignorant to face the reality in front of you. You need you - you need your dreams - the world around you needs your dreams. Always look toward the light - even when, especially when- others can't feel the warmth. That is true courage.

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