It takes a team

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2020

“The ability of a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people pull together as a team.”
― Simon Sinek, Leaders Eat Last


Great leaders know that there is no one person who is good at everything. Our strengths are always as part of a team.  Dyana Nyad was the leader of her own dreams when she dove into the water in 2013 to start her 111 mile, 53 hour endeavor. This was, in fact, her 5th attempt to make this crossing and she had been trying for 34 years. She knew that this enormous feat could not be done alone. In fact, she valued the support of her team so much that 1 mile shy of the finish line she stopped to tread water to sing “Happy Birthday” to one of her team members on the support boat traveling next to her. This is one of my favorite stories of success to share. I love it because long distance swimming, of all things seems most like a solitary sport. But, as Dyana said, "It takes a team".

"If something is worth doing it's worth doing yourself". How often have we heard this or said this ourselves? Women, in particular, tend to take everything on themselves. Ironically, the secret is in asking for help. There is enormous freedom to excel in your unique area of expertise when you give away time consuming tasks. And when you accept the support of others you can take advantage of their expertise as well.

As business leaders it is critical to value the strengths of each of our team members and to have respect for their expertise. It is the leader who insists she knows all the right answers who limits the potential success of her team. 

Lead as a team.


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